Watercolour painting is more.

Marja Heikkilä

Foto Rosa Heikkilä

I am a watercolour artist born in Kuusankoski, Southern Finland in 1967. I am currently based in Jämsä, Middle Finland. As an amateur painter, I create art and study art therapy on my time off from work. I will graduate as an art therapist in autumn 2019. During the almost two decades of being active as a painter, I have held over 30 exhibitions.

Trying different techniques and materials fascinates me. I am currently concentrating on watercolour painting; however, I have worked and experienced with various techniques, including pastels, charcoal, and oil colour. I have also enjoyed creating large batik artworks on different types of paper and cotton.

I believe watercolour cannot be controlled. For me, watercolour painting means exploring the uncontrollable. The more freely I give myself to the play of light and water, the more delighted I am with the outcome. This process of exploring and finding is as gratifying as it is instructive. Watercolour painting is more.